Position Available: Associate Professor (Comparative Cognitive Science) (Closed)

Jul 12, 2017

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Application closed (Augusut 1, 2017)

Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study announced that it has an opening for an Associate Professor.

The following English version is a translation. Please refer to the original Japanese version.

Note: Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study (KUIAS) is an international hub of research, where experts from diverse fields of study gather to pursue research across disciplines. Consequently, KUIAS has ties with many different departments of Kyoto University, and the study of Comparative Cognitive Science is no exception. Candidates for the job are therefore advised to refer to the following websites for details:

Institution Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study (KUIAS)
Job Title Associate Professor
Number of Positions One (1)
Qualification Must have a doctor’s degree
Opening Date July 12, 2017
Closing Date July 31, 2017, 5:00 p.m. (Japanese Standard Time)
Employment Date October 1, 2017 (at the earliest)
Term Limit None (tenure position)
Place of Work Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study (KUIAS), Kyoto, Japan
Salary and Benefits To be determined in accordance with the Kyoto University Regulations Regarding Salaries of Faculty and Staff, subject to the successful candidate’s qualifications and achievements (non-negotiable)
Social Insurance Eligible for MEXT* mutual aid association membership, employees’ pension, employment insurance, and workers’ accident compensation insurance

*MEXT: Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Working Hours A discretionary labor system to be applied, in which the successful candidate will be deemed to have worked for 38.75 hours per week or 7.75 hours per working day, even if he/she actually has worked more or less (but not zero) than such hours each day (standard working hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.)
Holidays Saturdays and Sundays; Statutory public holidays of Japan; Year-end and New Year holidays (December 29 through January 3); Kyoto University’s Foundation Day (June 18); Summer holidays (three consecutive days in mid-August)

1. Job Description

Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study (KUIAS) is seeking a suitable candidate for the position of Associate Professor in the field of “Comparative Cognitive Science,” focusing on hominoids (humans, chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangutans), other primates, or mid- to large-sized non-primate mammals, in the wild state or in captivity. The successful candidate will be expected to advance his/her original cutting-edge research in this area, and also to take the role in educating graduate students.

2. Application Procedure

Candidates are requested to submit the documents listed below via e-mail, putting them in the same order as in the list into a single PDF file titled “Application for Associate Professor Position.” Applications are acceptable in either Japanese or English.

  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of academic publications and reprints of up to three (3) research papers
  • List of other publications
  • Detailed record of academic activities (affiliated societies), as well as research grants and awards received
  • Summary of research conducted up to present (about 1,000 words)
  • Outline of research intended by the candidate at KUIAS, when accepted (about 1,000 words)
  • Experience with study animals, and personal goals regarding animal conservation and/or welfare (about 1,000 words)
  • Names and e-mail addresses of two (2) personal references

All documents must arrive at KUIAS by the deadline (July 31, 2017, 5:00 p.m. JST) via e-mail at:
2017kobo_KUIAS [at]

3. Selection Procedure and Feedback to Candidates

Selection will be done through screening of documents and interviews.
An internal committee will be set up to evaluate all candidates based on their submitted documents and interview results. Each candidate will be informed of the final decision pertaining to him- or herself only.

Application documents are not returnable. All submitted documents and personal information of candidates contained therein will be used solely for the purpose of screening and will not be disclosed, transferred or lent to any third party without justifiable grounds.

4. Gender Equality

Kyoto University promotes gender equality. Responses and applications from female researchers are highly welcomed.

Contact For further details, please contact KUIAS via e-mail at:
2017kobo_KUIAS [at]