Message from the President

Juichi Yamagiwa

As one of Japan's leading research and education institutions, Kyoto University is home to a large community of outstanding researchers, and research exchange with other leading institutions throughout the world is part of the university's daily operations. The Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study (KUIAS) was established in April 2016 to further enhance those endeavors to provide continuous support for the university's unique research, and serve as an international hub for advanced scholarship.


Capitalizing on the strengths of Kyoto University, KUIAS has a number of first-class researchers along with various world-leading research institutes, including two World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) centers: the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology (ASHBi) and the Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS). KUIAS will continue to implement innovative research and administrative initiatives as a global center of knowledge and as an institution at the vanguard of university-wide reform.


I look forward to watching the progress of KUIAS as it leverages the university's unique strengths to advance cutting-edge research endeavors. I anticipate that the institute will make a significant contribution to cultivating the next generation of researchers, and serve as a focal point for domestic and international research-based knowledge generation.

Juichi Yamagiwa

President, Kyoto University

Message from the Director-General

Shigefumi Mori

KUIAS is an institute that continuously conducts advanced research utilizing the strengths of Kyoto University. It features a team of excellent faculty members, including Distinguished Professors with internationally outstanding achievements in their respective fields, as well as various organizations engaged in world-leading research.


At present, KUIAS operates two World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) centers: the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology (ASHBi) since 2018, and the Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) since 2017. In addition, two collaborative research centers established in partnership with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and with RIKEN, as well as the Center for Integrative Medicine and Physics, a new endowed research laboratory founded in 2018, are undertaking cutting-edge research in their particular disciplines and combining their respective strengths to help accelerate the activities of KUIAS.


With these researchers and research centers at its core, KUIAS will contribute to academic progress as a global, cutting-edge research hub that draws together the knowledge of domestic and overseas researchers, fosters future scientific leaders, and shares the fruits of Kyoto University's research with society.

Shigefumi Mori

Director-General and Distinguished Professor